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1100 Broadway at Gulch Central

Gulch Central introduces a forward-thinking destination for companies, creatives, and visitors and establishes a vital retail, residential, dining, and office hub with generous green space and open plazas for an integrated urban lifestyle.

Three distinct concepts – 1100 Broadway, 1010 Broadway, and Asurion – are united as a new model for urban living. Located at a crucial intersection between Church Street, Broadway, 11th Avenue North, and the Gulch Greenway, this new eight-acre district connects Downtown Nashville, the lower Gulch, and Capitol View—unifying key neighborhoods within Nashville’s urban core which have historically been divided by overpasses, railroads, and industrial development.

Amenities such as ground-floor retail and restaurant space encourage users to stroll through the site and dine al fresco while engaged in the activated and layered urban fabric. The pedestrian-focused district is integrated into Nashville’s extensive Greenway system with a twelve-foot-wide off-street multi-use trail. Gulch Central will introduce over two acres of dedicated green space and two new Greenway trailheads to the center of the Gulch.

1100 Broadway is a 28-story, 750,000 square foot Class A+ office tower with 22,800 square feet of retail space and 1.4 acres of outdoor amenity space. Located at the corner of Broadway and 12th Avenue North—a historically rail-oriented area—1100 Broadway offers a distinctive address at the former home of Nashville’s daily newspaper.

Bronze-colored panels and shading fins delineate a façade that is inspired by the column grid of the newspapers formerly printed on this site. At the ground floor, a two-story retail and office podium fronts Broadway from 11th to 12th Avenues. The movement of the two-story entry recalls the movement of newsprint through printing presses. Carved from the tower and base, gracious ground floor pedestrian spaces are protected by a generous overhang.

1100 Broadway is complemented by a 41-story, 350-unit luxury residential property. The two towers are strategically positioned as part of the Gulch Central master plan to preserve and capitalize on existing views. A residential liner along 11th Avenue activates the street while maintaining a lower-density pedestrian scale.

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