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The Roxbury Latin School

Founded in 1645, The Roxbury Latin School, the oldest school in continuous existence in North America, is an all-male, college preparatory private school for grades 7 through 12. The campus is located within an established residential neighborhood and positioned on dramatic terrain. The school’s continued desire to expand programmatic offerings facilitated the launch of a new study of the entire campus plan.

In 2014 the School initiated its partnership with Hastings to envision a broad, progressive new master plan for the school. The master plan addressed the addition of an indoor athletic facility, a refined vehicular circulation plan, a new football and lacrosse field, a new baseball and soccer field, a new tennis center, a new track and field complex, and additional practice fields.

Hastings assisted Roxbury Latin in navigating a complex entitlements by engaging and collaborating with the West Roxbury neighborhood and representatives from the Boston Regulatory Authority (BRA).

The new 47,000 square foot indoor athletic facility, designed as a continuation of the current indoor athletic facility, includes a competition ice hockey rink with spectator seating, a fitness and wellness center with weight training equipment and training room, a fitness studio, additional player and coach locker rooms, coach offices, associated back of house spaces, and a new”Varsity Room”.

West Roxbury, Massachusetts
47,000 square foot indoor athletic facility; 120-acre campus master plan
The Roxbury Latin School
American School & University Magazine, Educational Interiors Showcase, August 2018
Christian Phillips
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