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Sony Music Nashville

The design for the new artist-centric spaces exploits the tension between Sony’s treasured legacy and the rapidly changing future of Nashville’s music industry.

Sony Music Nashville (SMN), the storied home of the RCA, Columbia, and Arista Nashville record labels, relocated from Nashville’s historic Music Row to the gritty, up and coming Gulch neighborhood in 2016.

Along with new leadership – Randy Goodman’s appointment as CEO – came a new vision for SMN. With brand alignment and legacy, creativity and collaboration as the central tenants of this vision, the design concept challenges the traditional experience of a country music label for both artist and employee.

"The openness has changed our communication style. Proximity instantly improves collaboration; quick answers can be obtained in person rather than through email. Face-to-face interactions have become commonplace; therefore, discussions are more inclusive, creative, and robust."
— Ken Robold, Executive Vice President and COO at Sony Music Nashville

In SMN’s new space all employees have access to height adjustable desks, floor-to-ceiling windows, and views. Flex spaces and phone rooms are used by employees to conduct focused, quiet or confidential work. Retreat rooms located at the corners of the floor boast paramount views, lounge furniture, and sophisticated A/V systems are accessible to everyone.

Dynamic environmental graphics tell the SMN story in a bold and modern way. From “The Hub” with sweeping views of Nashville and a twelve-foot bar, to “Thirteen,” a state-of-the-art listening room with exceptional acoustics, SMN sets a new standard for what artists can expect from their label.

Nashville, Tennessee
26,000 square feet
Sony Music Nashville
AIA Tennessee Award of Excellence
Sony Music Nashville (Contract Magazine, June 2018)
Eric Laignel