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Brasfield & Gorrie

A celebration of craft and process: Driven by the client’s mainstay – construction – the design for this collaborative office is a celebration of craft and process while serving as an example for their eleven other offices. A ‘constructivist’ design aesthetic exposes systems and structures to demonstrate and celebrate the client’s work seamlessly connecting trades and processes.

Raw and refined materials are juxtaposed to further celebrate materials and capabilities. The design plays with the dichotomy between finely-detailed finishes and the structures and systems that support them. Everyday building materials, like concrete and plywood, are treated like traditionally high-end finishes (such as marble and walnut), honoring the construction process itself.

A range of small, private, break-out spaces support the open office and various meeting spaces allow for flexibility and ample collaboration. Social spaces lend to the casual ambiance and colorful shipping containers create intimate spaces for meetings and retreat. A living room-inspired gaming area and lounge, and a coffee shop-inspired café promote employee comradery.

Nashville, Tennessee
20,000 square feet
Brasfield & Gorrie
AIA Middle Tennessee, Merit Award