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Nashville Waterfront Boathouse

Connecting with the Cumberland: Driven by the need for novice to professional level rowing amenities along the Nashville riverfront, the project seeks to accommodate a robust local passion for competition in the sport of rowing.

Sited along the Cumberland River just south of downtown sits a of combination of slatted, open-air storage buildings for the rowing shells, and a larger, quonset-like structure for athlete training. These satisfy program needs with a minimal footprint limiting the facility’s environmental and hydrologic impact.

The training facility interprets forms of traditional boat hulls in both structure and shape and the form of the shell storage buildings and their support ‘legs’ is derived from the “gerridae”, or water striders, whose body form and mechanics closely resemble that of the double-scull rowing shell.

Nashville, Tennessee
16,000 square foot training center; 10,00 square feet of boat houses
AIA Middle Tennessee, Citation Award (Unbuilt)