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The Eastland

The Eastland introduces fifty-one efficient, micro-unit-inspired apartments to East Nashville.

Nestled between a residential neighborhood and a major commercial corridor, the design mindfully echoes and relates to its neighbors. Along the residential-facing façade, the scale and articulation of row house-inspired vertical bays expresses the residential use within while ground floor stoops open individual units to the street. Turning the corner the design manages the transition from residential neighborhood to commercial hub in form and in function. The upper level residential units reside in a more commercially-expressed mass. Below, large shop windows illuminate the street, invite the public in, and firmly root the new building in the neighborhood.

Inside, the efficient 530 square foot apartment plan is defined by two living spaces (which can be used interchangeably as a living room or bedroom) joined by a central corridor, kitchen, and bathroom.

Nashville, Tennessee
42,226 square feet
Daniel Brown Photo
Spirit of Space